Max, the mixed-up Maltese

Max, the mixed-up Maltese – wouldn’t that make a great title for a children’s story or a dog story, full of those heart-warming anecdotes that bring a tear to your eye?

That’s all I’ve got so far, the title.

Ahead stretches the blank paper, staring back at me with less than puppy dog eyes. No, more like malevolent mad dog glee to see me stuck at this crucial juncture. Crucial, because if I can actually get some other words about my subject on paper, I’ve won. Victory is mine. The end is in sight. Word follows word, like line after line in an artist’s sketch until a full-grown story or  image emerges.

The trick is putting words, almost any words, on paper. Ummm, I wonder what I’ll write next.  Stayed tuned for more adventures of Max, the mixed-up Maltese…


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