Ah, at last I can take time to write that book…

My week is over, and none too soon. My part time job at a busy hospital is taxing as the years advance. It is rewarding when a patient offers me macadamia chocolates, or remembers me as a nurse who made a difference seven years earlier when her first baby was having feeding issues. It keeps me going when the joints are screaming at me to “sit down and take a load off, please!”

Now, free at last, I can sit at my computer and write…

tick, tock, tick, tock… 

Three hours and 57 solitaire games later… 

You know, writing a book is not as easy as it sounds. I’m working out a plot point at this juncture, and a lot of my ‘writing’ is actually thinking—thinking about this knot in my yarn, or more specifically, how to make a knot in my yarn. Up to now the plot has tripped along too smoothly. Stories need tension. They need black moments, thorny issues that rise up to separate our heroine and hero, perhaps—gasp—forever! That’s a place I don’t even want to go! My natural inclination is to avoid confrontation. I have a hard time deliberately creating misunderstandings and diabolical machinations. If they crop up on page 39, it is all I can do not to straighten out matters by the middle of page 40. 

Perhaps I should try writing short stories…

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One Response to Ah, at last I can take time to write that book…

  1. ggammell says:

    Very funny – and sadly, so true. Just remember the immortal words of our mentor, Donald Maas – “tension on every page” 🙂 But tell me, do you *count* your games of solitaire?


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