Here’s to new beginnings

       Every December 31, the world contemplates the year gone by; the year’s most exciting news stories, celebrity scandals, and top ten lists of just about everything and everyone.  In short, this is when we take stock of the past twelve months.  Did we accomplish great things? (Define, “great”) Did we finish that work of art we started?  (Check–if you’re Cheryl W.)  Get a book published? (Half check.)  Fall in love? (Not this year.)  Lose the weight? (No comment) Or, sadly, gain more? (Let’s just keep moving.)

        But come January 1st, we  look ahead. We dream that we can really buy that property we’ve been thinking about for years, or master fencing, or bungee jump. Anything is possible now.  The past may have held us down all year, but today we shake it off, hold our heads up, throw back our shoulders, and take a step forward.  Something good is waiting for us just around the corner.

       Amazingly, I believe it.  Which means I’ve just taken my first step into the year ahead.  Come on in, the water’s fine.  

      I pray the year ahead will be more for you than you ever dreamed, and better than you ever hoped!

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One Response to Here’s to new beginnings

  1. Gail Gammell says:

    Great post – witty, yet thought probvoking, but above all, inspiring. I’m following in your footsteps…always a small step behind. Thank you for sharing your joy…:-)


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