The day the Internet died

Help! My internet is down and I’m cut off!

Well, it was down–for about half a day. (It seemed like for.ever.)  For several hours I felt like I had lost touch with the whole world. My sense of loss was a disturbing revelation to me.

When did I become so dependent on those  little letters, http://www.?

I couldn’t check what my friends were up to on Facebook

I couldn’t check my book reviews on Amazon. com (not a bad thing, really in view of my violent mood fluctuations as the reviews go up and down.)

I couldn’t do research for my new book, (although there’s always the Library, a sadly neglected vehicle since the Internet came into its own.)

Online banking –gone. *gasp*

No Skype, no Yahoo, no Google, no web surfing. No checking my blog for visitors.  All impossible without a connection.

Remember that movie, The Net, with Sandra Bullock? She never left her house because the Internet brought everything to her. It was her link with the world outside her home. Hungry?  Order pizza online.  Need clothes? Order online. Need money? On the Net payment is made at the click of a button.

I confess that until Sandra’s identity was stolen and her life was shattered, I envied this girl who never had to leave home. I often wonder if I have a touch of agoraphobia (I’m hoping that’s fear of open spaces, but I’m not sure. For all I know it may be fear of grass.  I wanted to look it up, but, well, you know… ).

No matter.  I had a taste of losing access to the outside world unless I went to Starbucks (they have wi-fi), and it was fearful. I used to live without the Internet once upon a time. I’ve been around longer than it has, so I remember. It’s a little frightening how much it has infused itself into my daily activities.

But, it’s back again. I may lose it at any second—the lights on my modem are blinking furiously off and on, so I’ll quickly post this, and check my friends’ statuses, or is it stati?  I see there’s been another review posted on—a good one this time, so I’m up–for now. Banking will have to wait till there’s money there, so in the meantime,  I guess that leaves me time to, well, write my book.

Hummmm…Maybe losing the Internet connection wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

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