Bucket Lists and such

I happen to love lists. I make them almost every day, just to have a few planned events. Not so many as to overwhelm me, and not so few as to render me comatose; not so difficult that I become discouraged, just enough to keep me moving through the day. I crave that sense of accomplishment that crossing an item off my list gives me.

But I don’t have a bucket list.

People tell me about their bucket lists. There was a movie about two old men and their bucket lists. It’s all the rage. Why don’t I have one?

Maybe because I have no idea what I want to accomplish, see, and do before I kick that proverbial bucket.  What would be on my end-of-life list, I wonder?

Let’s see…


This is harder than I expected…

Oh, I know.

  1.  Do a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle. (That would entail having a table big enough to do such a huge puzzle. And a table that size would necessitate a room big enough to accommodate it, and ergo a house of enormous dimensions….
  2.  Find a new way of cooking chicken. (1001 ways is just not enough.)
  3.  Conquer all the worlds of Bubble Totem. (Or Candy Crush, or Bubble Shoot, or the game du jour on my phone.)
  4.  Make a less boring bucket list. (Duh)

Yes. Well, it looks like I should stick to my usual lists: grocery, chores, bills-to-pay, and the dog’s grooming schedule.

Who needs a bucket list anyway?

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