Out of the Shadows

‘The last thing Wendy needed was another man to break her heart.’ Recovering from her fiancé’s betrayal in the remote Pacific coastal village of Shadow Ridge, Wendy Hunt is not looking for romance. Coming on the heels of her father’s abandonment, this latest heartbreak has convinced her that life is less painful without love. Wendy intends to live a man-free life from now on. Of course, she never reckons on Eric Tremaine. Eric has arrived in town from Seattle to search for his estranged brother, Scott, who was last seen in Shadow Ridge. Wendy ‘s attraction to Eric wars with her distrust of men, but as he draws her into his search, she finds less and less ability to resist. She only hopes he leaves before he steals her heart completely. She can’t bear to be hurt again, because, as Wendy’s mother has drilled into her, men always leave. Or do they? Could Eric be different?  Before she can find out, she and Eric must face down shifty art dealers, Canadian Mounties with secrets, and their own ghosts of past hurts.


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