The Real McCoy

Nurse Stephanie Hays has idolized Dr Peter Granville ever since he swept her off her feet–literally–when she fainted in his arms. Her dream of working side by side with him has finally come true, but she is disheartened that he doesn’t remember her. The fact is, only her clumsiness caused him to take any notice of her at all.

Dr. Luke Carter,  a young resident, has bold dreams of winning the lovely Stephanie’s heart, despite the fact that she wouldn’t notice him if she tripped over him.  But that’s not Luke’s biggest concern. He is aware that “the great Granville” is not the paragon Stephanie believes him to be, and believes she will end up hurt. Granville is a man driven by ambition for fame and power.  Luke could tell her of course, and even tries a time or two, but Stephanie’s  Granville-colored glasses won’t let her see clearly.  Plus, she seems more inclinced to shoot the messenger than hear the truth.

Desperate, Luke concocts a plan to show, not just tell Stephanie, hoping to knock Dr. Granville off his lofty pedestal, and at the same time, win Stephanie over to the Luke team.  The plan looks good on paper, but Luke soon learns that the best laid plans can oft go astray…


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