To the Wilderness and Back


That is exactly what happened to a young Christian nurse who poured her faith, hopes, and dreams into the teachings of Sam Fife, a self-proclaimed prophet of God.

From the ’60s on, Sam Fife held thousands of Christians in thrall to his end-time message of clear and imminent world tribulation. Only his followers would escape by hiding in various wilderness locations, where they would become the perfected vessels of God to restore creation to its intended glory.

His “new revelation for a new age” proved to be merely “vain imagination”.

This extraordinary journey following a “pied piper of truth” eventually took the author from her home, friends, and nursing career to an isolated wilderness communal farm in British Columbia.  For the next three years she lived a pioneer existence, without electricity or running water, isolated on a communal farm in the middle of nowhere. As the nurse and midwife there, she delivered a dozen babies. She fell in love, married, and had two children of her own.

The spell was finally broken when she realized that Sam Fife was not the divinely appointed apostle of God she had believed him to be. Able now to return to normal life, she discovered it was not easy to begin again.


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