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Sonny Goes Solo

Usually I speak of Sonny and Thor in the same breath, as if they are one entity: sonnyandthor. Today, I relate the story of Sonny’s solo adventure. The other morning, he discovered the front gate of the house was ajar. … Continue reading

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Another Sonny and Thor adventure, or, Locked out!

My grown children worry about me. Isn’t that sweet? For years I worried about the thousands of possible disasters and catastrophes that could hurt, maim, or destroy them. I believe my children thought they were impervious to harm. Burns, falls, … Continue reading

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A look back…

Sometimes it’s good to look back to see how far we’ve come. Or, to see how on earth we ended up here. In this new year, I am looking back as well as ahead, hoping it’s all been worth it, … Continue reading

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My father’s legacy

Growing up, I always thought my father was more or less a silent partner in our house. He worked away from home a lot and my mother ran the day-to-day affairs of the household.  Only after he passed away did I realize how … Continue reading

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I was chatting with a neighbor recently, telling him I was thinking of retiring. His response was something to the effect that retirement isn’t in the Bible. I have a great deal of respect for the Bible, and when he said … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to feel like Christmas…

     Christmas shopping… Those words, like, rich, creamery butter, connote something mouthwatering; in this case, a day of fun–starting perhaps with breakfast at Starbucks, followed by a leisurely stroll through the mall to search out the perfect gifts for loved ones,  ending with tea … Continue reading

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Another Joy

My oldest grandson graduated from High School this year. He is musical; plays the alto sax, the guitar, drums, and sings. He’s been in his school band forever, but also formed side bands;  he and a few other musical souls have … Continue reading

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