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The arrival–a scene writing exercise.

< The light plane circled the small coastal town before making a perfect landing with a soft swoosh on the water. Kathy West heaved a heartfelt sigh of relief. She hated flying. The crucial take-off and landing always rattled her, even … Continue reading

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Beyond retirement, or, Is being a hermit a legitimate occupation?

Life is full of People. In fact, it is impossible to live in this world without relating to someone, at some point, for some reason. Often, I wish it weren’t so. Relationships are hard work for me. Always have been. … Continue reading

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Another Sonny and Thor adventure, or, Locked out!

My grown children worry about me. Isn’t that sweet? For years I worried about the thousands of possible disasters and catastrophes that could hurt, maim, or destroy them. I believe my children thought they were impervious to harm. Burns, falls, … Continue reading

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Bucket Lists and such

I happen to love lists. I make them almost every day, just to have a few planned events. Not so many as to overwhelm me, and not so few as to render me comatose; not so difficult that I become discouraged, just … Continue reading

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Star Struck

Recently, I met a couple of famous Canadians; sports figures whose names would be instantly recognizable.  I’m embarrassed to say I lost my professional dignity and gushed all over them. I was able to regain my composure only by exercising … Continue reading

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I was chatting with a neighbor recently, telling him I was thinking of retiring. His response was something to the effect that retirement isn’t in the Bible. I have a great deal of respect for the Bible, and when he said … Continue reading

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 Do you have the August blahs? I just coined that phrase. It’s like the Sunday blues, the slightly anxious, slightly sad feeling that overshadows the last day of the weekend, of good times. The fact is, by the middle of … Continue reading

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