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Clara’s Spring (Excerpt)

It was nothing Clara could put her finger on, but once she began to suspect it, every event, every word, every sight pointed to the inevitable truth; the end was near. Morning mist had yielded to sunshine that promised an … Continue reading

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The arrival–a scene writing exercise.

< The light plane circled the small coastal town before making a perfect landing with a soft swoosh on the water. Kathy West heaved a heartfelt sigh of relief. She hated flying. The crucial take-off and landing always rattled her, even … Continue reading

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A Lazy Eye? Why me?

I have a lazy eye. It’s no big deal to me after all these years. But when one of my patients asked me about ten years ago if I’d found this ‘handicap’ a detriment in my career, I knew I’d … Continue reading

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Sonny Goes Solo

Usually I speak of Sonny and Thor in the same breath, as if they are one entity: sonnyandthor. Today, I relate the story of Sonny’s solo adventure. The other morning, he discovered the front gate o… Source: Sonny Goes Solo

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A Tale of Two Scenes

Has this ever happened to “real” writers? (Even with a couple of published books under my belt, I still feel like a pretender. The pickle in which I find myself may explain why.) I have started two stories (at different … Continue reading

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What makes a good story?

My daughter informed me the other day that if I wrote a book that began with, “It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a shot rang out and a maid screamed,” she would most definitely read it. Shortly after … Continue reading

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Swing on a star or be a fish?

My older daughter told me once that she has the heart of a fighter. Knowing her as I do, I concur, but it started me thinking. What does it really mean to have the heart of a fighter?  Rocky movies aside, I … Continue reading

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